February 3, 2023

The cost of a land really depends on the location & the time you’re getting it.

When you’re buying a property in an estate, timing is very key if you want to make the most out of your investment.

This is the secret most people don’t know.

That the best time to get a cheap land is at the pre-lunch stage.

The pre-lunch stage is simply the stage whereby we as a developers acquire a land and we’re trying to create awareness before putting it in the market.

At these point we have 2 things in mind to achieve,

1; Is either we want to create very profitable investment platform for investors to take advantage of or,
2. We need urgent cash to facilitate the project.

For that reason we sell below the current market value, so instead of selling a plot for 4M, we sell at 2M which gives you a profit of 2M instantly on arrival.

Let’s assume at that stage you bought ten plots that’s a profit of 20M instantly on arrival.

So when development begins in the estate like between 6months – 1year the price should increase to 8M thereabout.

At this point you’re beginning to see the reality of the estate, buildings are coming up, infrastructure are in place the beauty is beginning to come out.

In another 3-4 years when the estate develops to a habitable stage where people can live in comfortably, the price increases to let’s say 12M.

Now Imagine you bought 10plots at 20M after 3-4 years you’re selling at 120M. Making a profit of 100M within 4-5years that’s very huge.

But I advice you to buy such land from a reliable developer who is willing to start development no matter how little because development around and inside the estate contributes to your property appreciation.

Just like what we’re currently doing in diamond crest estate, we’ve took out time to perfect all our title documents and now we’re providing infrastructure starting with the perimeter fence. We’re selling a plot for 4M today, but it may sell for 8M tomorrow depending on the level of development.

So this is basically the secret of buying land at a lower rate and selling it higher for reasonable profit.


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