February 3, 2023

1. Title Document: This consists of the CofO/ RofO, TDP, Power of attorney, Deed of Assignment/ Deed of Lease, Offer Letter, and any other legal document that the current possessor has at the time. Confirming these documents and knowing the history of the land is very critical. If it is in Abuja, such property has to be re-certified with AGIS and captured into the Abuja master plan by URP. So what is the land’s history? Ask because You only have land if you have solid documentation.

2. Location: The location of your property determines the appreciation of your property. Specific areas based on high demand have the potential to deliver between 100% – 200% profit in 2 years, and the airport road axis is one such. The Airport Road is a significant road not just in Abuja but in the whole of Nigeria. Every dignitary coming into Nigeria passes through the airport road, so with this, you can tell the government’s interest in this road.

Caution; Even though airport road is a goldmine, there are only a few estates we endorse based on detailed research, so if you’re interested in airport road, feel free to contact me. I’ll be glad to guide you appropriately.

3. Product: The majority miss it here, especially when buying for investment. A 6-bedroom duplex is suitable for luxury but might not be too good for cashflow investment purposes because it is limited to only a few sets of people either for rent or outright purchase, which might make it stay longer in the market.

On the contrary, we have high-demand products, like 2&3 bedroom apartments, 3 & 4 bedroom Terraced duplexes, and portable 3&4 bedroom duplexes. These properties are in high demand because they are easy to maintain, easy for rental purposes, and easy to resell eventually. So invest only in properties with reselling value and also high in demand.

4. Offer: it is good to get it at the current market value, but it is better to get it below market value. This will increase your chances of making a reasonable profit. Such kinds of offer come from distressed sales.

Great entry opportunities could also be gotten when a project is just at its genesis. Developers give off-takers and early subscribers a discounted price during the pre-launch stage.

Consider these factors, and see your Real Estate portfolio skyrocket into becoming an empire.




  1. February 3, 2023

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  2. February 3, 2023

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