4 Common Reasons For Property Demolition In Abuja Nigeria.

March 22, 2024

You need to pay keen attention to this information if you must avoid the hurt of the bulldozer on your property.

These are the most common reasons for mass demolition in Nigeria especially in the Fct Abuja.

  1. Title Document: If a CofO is perceived to be a forged copy of the original, and you cannot prove it to be the original, the property on the said land would be demolished. This is one of the major reason for estate demolition because some developers are unable to prove the authenticity of their title.
  2. Wrong Land Use: The purpose of every land is clearly stated on the title. If a title specifies the land use to be for residential purpose and you build a commercial structure, it would definitely attract the attention of development control for either change of use, or demolition.
  3. No Integration: All landed property in Abuja is expected to be captured in the Abuja Geographical Information system (AGIS), if not recognised, the authority perceives every structure on that land to be illegal structures and for that reason, calls for demolition.
  4. No Building Approval: Before a building is approved, a thorough background check would be carried out on the authenticity of the title and general layout of that location. when verified then; Such structure could be vetted and approved by the Development Control team.

These are summarised reasons for property demolition in Nigeria especially Abuja.
As a real Estate Advisor and Skilled Realtor; I am here to lend my professional advice to properly guide when next you intend acquire your next property.

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